How to Jet Wash Your Patio Easily


There’s nothing like a well-maintained patio to make a home’s garden look warm, inviting, and well kept. However, with time your patio can end up looking stained, or gather growth like moss or algae.

Luckily, your patio (or similar outdoor surface, like a driveway) can return to its former glory by simply jet washing your patio. To do this, you can either use your local handymen services in central London or do it yourself.

Read on to find out our tips and tricks to jet wash a patio

Before you get started

Before you start jet washing your patio, make sure you have these essential items:

  1. Jet washer : This tool uses high-pressure water to clean away stubborn debris from flat surfaces quickly.
  2. Broom : To sweep the area of large debris before jet washing.
  3. Detergent : If your patio has oil stains or difficult to remove debris, using a detergent will make the cleaning process easier. Some detergents have the added benefit of making it harder for future debris to build up. Just be sure to use the right detergent for the material of the patio (stone, wood etc).
  4. Garden hose and adapter : These essential tools feed the jet washer water. The hose should be at least 7.5m long and 15mm in diameter.
  5. Safety goggles : High-pressured water has the potential to dislodge debris, which could hit your eye, so eye protection is crucial. If possible, we also recommend wearing steel-toed shoes to protect your feet.
  6. RCD Adaptor: Using this adaptor on the power outlet reduces the risk of being shocked, which is particularly dangerous when working with water power tools, such as jet washers.

If you don’t have these items readily available, consider using local handymen services. If you need to hire a handyman in London, we offer a professional jet pressure washing service which you can enquire about here:

5 steps to a clean patio

Step 1: Read the manual -

Because pressurised water can be dangerous, make sure you read the manual in its entirety, paying close attention to safety features.

Step 2: Consider the material of your patio –

Before beginning, consider what your patio (or driveway) is made of. The material type determines what type of detergent you should buy and the amount of pressure the jet washer should use.

Step 3: Clear the area –

Remove any obstructions and tripping hazards from the area to reduce potential falls. Sweep the area with a broom to remove loose debris like leaves and stones. Most importantly, cordon off the area so that any children or pets can’t wander onto the patio during cleaning.

Step 4: Connect and check the jet washer –

Most man-made components are vulnerable to weather wear and tear. This makes recreational areas, especially play areas, potentially hazardous. Check all man-made components in and around your garden, including jungle gyms, swings, pool areas and barbeque stands. Replace and repair these components as needed.

Step 5: Get cleaning –

Use a material appropriate detergent on your patio, following the instructions recommended on the detergent bottle. Before plugging into the jet washer, methodically clean your patio from one end to the other. Once you’re comfortable with the jet washer, you can connect it to the electrical mains with your RCP adapter and turn it on, which will pressurise the water.

Begin with the jet washer at a reasonable distance from the surface, starting on the lowest setting and slowly increasing the pressure as needed. Be sure to wash across the surface meticulously.

If your patio is made of wood take special care not to damage this natural, relatively soft material. Start on the lowest setting and follow the grain of the wood. If available, use your jet washer’s fan setting and select the widest fan, which is the gentlest setting. Once the deck is clean and dry, use sandpaper to sand down any imperfections.

If jet washing a paved driveway , the pressurised water will remove the sand which keeps the blocks together. If this is the case, replace the sand before allowing vehicles on the driveway.

By following these steps, you can keep your patio looking pristine. Of course, if you’re based in London, you can always take the hassle out of jet washing your patio by hiring a handyman from TMT Central.