DIY Handyman: Tips for Homeowners – May Home Maintenance Tasks


Now that spring is well and truly here, many of us are making to-do lists off all the cleaning and general DIY handymen tasks that we’d like to get completed before summer hits. And with so many of us being housebound during the current Covid-19 outbreak, now might be the right time to complete those odd jobs around the house.

It goes without saying that our team of professional handymen in London is always available to help you with these tasks. Our staff is trained to follow the government’s social distancing guidelines to ensure that both you and they remain safe and healthy.

Now, while many of us know we might want to paint the kitchen or clear out our closets, there are some important maintenance tasks that might slip your mind.

So, take make sure your home is at its best, add these tasks to your May to-do list, particularly on a nice, warm, sunny day (as sunshine makes any house task a bit more enjoyable ):

Check Your Loft for Water Damage :

Our roofs take a lot of rainfall, particularly during a British winter. Over the years, the constant downpour (and occasional gusts of wild winds) can lead to leaks in your loft. Often, many of us don’t realise these leaks are there until it starts to come down into our bedrooms causing damp, or even worse, dripping and major damage.

To keep on top of leaks, you should check your loft every spring for damage. By catching your leaks early, you’ll be able to protect your belongings in the loft (and the rest of your house as a result) and stop damp creeping into your ceilings.

Check Window Frames for Any Damage :

Like your roof, our windows take a lot of rain and wind during winter. So, now that spring has arrived, check all your windows, looking for any draughts, cracks or potential leaks. Again, by sorting this out now, you’ll be well prepared for winter and keeping the heat in.

Get Any Fence Repairs Completed :

British weather can take its toll on our fences. So, even if your fence looks okay from far away, there could still be sections that have rotted and might fall soon. By checking your fence thoroughly in spring, you will have plenty of time to get it repaired and won’t need to worry about it all throughout summer and winter.

This is also a good time to get your fence painted, especially when the weather is still cool enough that you’re unlikely to get so sunburnt.

Check Your Home Security System :

In the coming months, many of us wil (hopefully!)l be jetting off on a nice holiday and leaving our homes behind, which can be worrying. Burglars frequently target empty homes. Even if we are stuck at home this summer, it doesn’t mean we won’t be a target for burglars.

These days, many of us have our own home security systems, such as CCTV or video doorbells like Ring.

It’s a good idea for you to take the time to check your home security system to make sure everything is working well. It’s also a good time to get a system installed if you don’t currently have one, as summer can be very busy.

Consider Putting Up a Patio :

Since spring is here, you might be tempted to start planning BBQs or time you could spend in the garden when summer arrives. This is why you should think about adding a patio to your garden. It would be an ideal place to add some furniture and really make the most of the sunny weather, especially now if many of us might have to forgo trips abroad and replace them with picnics in our own gardens.

Patios don’t need to be expensive either. You could just dig out an area of your garden and lay some slabs down. Or, if you want something fancier, consider getting a company in to landscape and install a wooden decking area.

If you already have a patio, now is the time to get out the power washer and get the area clean and sparkling, ready for use again. You’ll also want to get your furniture and BBQ out and make sure everything is cleaned and damage-free.

A few general handymen tasks around the house in May will ensure that you’re all set to enjoy the summer months.

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