The handyman's June home maintenance checklist


June is the perfect time for homemakers to complete upkeep tasks that they’ve been putting off all year. The weather is warming up, and here in London, the rain takes a break. Perhaps because of the warmer weather, home maintenance is often done begrudgingly even though our homes are often one of our biggest investments.

That’s why our team of central London based professional handymen offered up their services to compile this essential June checklist, so you don’t have to. They can also help you with some of these tasks.

This June, Complete These Key Tasks

1 . Tidy Up Your Kitchen -

Because you’re likely to spend more time entertaining in summer, now is a good time to rearrange your kitchen. Go through all your kitchenware and decide if you really need everything occupying your kitchen. You might find that you no longer use a surprising number of kitchen items.

Smaller appliances that you only use in colder months, like slow cookers, can be moved to the top of the cupboard while typical summer appliances like ice cream makers should be made more accessible.

2. Install Screen Doors –

Replace your storm doors with screen doors if your home has them. If you already have screen doors, inspect them for holes and patch them as soon as you can. Doing this will make the most of your summer and protect you from mosquitos.

If you’re not sure how to patch your screen doors, look up professional handymen services in your area, who can help you with this task and many other home maintenance jobs.

3. Check on Your Cooling Systems –

Before a heat wave descends onto your neighbourhood, complete these tasks:

  1. Dust your ceiling fans.
  2. Reverse the setting of your ceiling fans to contraclockwise. This encourages a cool breeze.
  3. Hire a handyman to check on your air-conditioning units.
  4. Clean your air-con filters every month.

4. Inspect Your Outdoor Recreation Areas –

Most man-made components are vulnerable to weather wear and tear. This makes recreational areas, especially play areas, potentially hazardous. Check all man-made components in and around your garden, including jungle gyms, swings, pool areas and barbeque stands. Replace and repair these components as needed.

5. Bonus: Give your home a make-over –

Winter can leave the exterior of our homes looking dreary. While not entirely necessary, now might be a good time to give the exterior walls and windows of your home a good wash. Get to work on a dry warm day – close all the windows and cover the ground and hedges with plastic sheeting. Use your hose pipe (jet washers are rarely necessary) to wash the walls, using detergent to spot clean areas as needed. This will leave the exterior of your house looking as good a fresh coat of paint.

Completing home maintenance tasks is essential in the upkeep of home. Tackling these specific tasks will help you make the most of your home during the summer months. If you’re unsure of what to look out for, consider hiring professional handymen services to inspect your home and make sure everything is safe and in good condition.