The Handyman's July Home Maintenance Checklist


It’s July and summer is in full swing. The last thing on anyone’s mind is home maintenance, but it must be done. You could hire a handyman, or follow the advice of TMT Central London’s local handymen, who recommend completing a few tasks a month.

Here are 7 tasks our London team of handymen recommend homeowners complete in July.

1. Deep clean outdoor recreation areas -

July is the warmest time of the year, so you’ll want to make sure your outdoor areas are ready for entertaining.

Give your entertainment area a good sweep and wipe down your outdoor furniture with a soapy damp cloth. Don’t forget to open your umbrella and wash that out too.

The easiest way to clean your patio of overgrowth and debris is to jet wash it. To learn more about jet washing, check out our easy guide.

2. Dust and shine décor elements -

Décor elements like mirrors, shelves, ornaments and paintings gather dust throughout the winter. By dusting and shining your décor, you’re sure to make your home warm and inviting.

3. Freshen up your furniture -

If you have pets or children, your furniture is likely home to fur or stains. Take advantage of the warmer weather and give your furniture a good clean.

To remove fur and fluff, use a lint roller. For everything else, a quick vacuum and wipe down with a damp cloth will have your furniture looking good as new in no time.

4. Clean your washing machine and tumble dryer -

Use diluted bleach or cleaning vinegar instead of detergent on a cleaning cycle to keep your washing machine clean and mould free. You can also clean the detergent loader and rubber seal around the door with the same solution.

Remove and wash the lint screen in your tumble dryer and check for excess lint in the dryer vent tube.

If your washing machine or tumble dryer is not working properly, seek out your local London based handyman services who will get your appliances working.

5. Flush your water heater -

Flushing out your water heater will improve the efficiency and life span of your device. Make sure you do this at least once a year to remove sediment and mineral build-up.

You should drain your water heater once a year to clear out built-up sediment and minerals that could affect its performance. If you’re not sure of how to do that, do get in touch with one of experienced plumbers in our central London team of handyman and other professionals.

6. Check for unwanted air loss -

In the hot summer months, air loss through ducts can take a sizable chunk out of your cooling system’s consumption. To make sure your cooling system is running as efficiently as possible, use caulk to seal any areas where unwanted air loss may occur. Common areas for air leaks are around doors, windows, ceiling lights, outlets and switch plates.

7. Make your home more energy efficient -

Optimise your home’s energy consumption by trying these easy tips:

  1. Vacuum underneath and behind the fridge so it runs more smoothly
  2. Set the water heater to 48°C and wash your clothes at 30°C
  3. If you have air conditioning, keep your doors and windows closed

Bonus: You’ll lower your energy bill in the process!

If you’re not up for completing your July home maintenance tasks, do call us for a quote for our central London handyman services to take care of it for you. To learn more, visit our property maintenance page.

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